A lunch these ideals! Try it today!

“Stuffed” cauliflower is our choice for today’s lunch, and in addition to being delicious, it is also suitable for people who follow these diets. One hundred grams of cauliflower contains 80% of the daily amount of magnesium, which means that this vegetable has an extremely beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. In addition, it reduces … Read more

Beauty and health These are natural methods for removing hyperpigmentation. Try them!

Natural methods to remove hyperpigmentation can be very effective. By mr ph Hristina Lazarević Milošević, from Instagram profile Health & More, we learned which plants can help us and how to implement them. Say: Hristina Lazarevic Milosevic September is September, it’s time for all of us to do a retrospective together, turn a new leaf … Read more

Serena Williams Diet: “Eat to Survive”

Serena Williams diet is based on the philosophy that food is a supplement, not life itself. As we all know, with 39 Grand Slam titles won, Serena Williams is one of the best and most successful tennis players in the history of this sport. But to achieve such results, it takes years and years of … Read more

Beauty and health White or black

Which chocolate is healthier – white or dark, is one of the questions you asked us through your Instagram profile @ herbmark.uk The nutritionist responds Marija Đurkovićwith Nutritional difference between dark and white chocolate What does dark chocolate contain? Dark chocolate is made from cocoa, which is the main ingredient. The higher the percentage of … Read more

Juicy, soft, irresistible! Try them!

Vegan brownies are an ideal light dessert that you will adore! Chocolate brownies or just brownies are square chocolate cakes that can be fresher or softer. In addition to flour and chocolate, nuts, cream cheese, fruits, eggs, milk can be added to the mix, depending on which variant is made. Brownies became popular in the … Read more