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red manicure

The red manicure is not only reserved for Valentine’s Day and special events. On the contrary, you can wear it all year round!

Many women, when embarking on the mission of choosing the right nail color, often exclude red from their short list. Like red lips, many ask if it’s too much for everyday looks and are afraid of making a mistake. Well, we are here to inform you that red nails are completely acceptable, at any time. And there are many ways to get a red nail polish. To prove this, we’ve put together 10 inspirational ideas from Instagram.

Red Manicure: 10 Instagram posts that caught our attention

Classic red

It’s like going back to the roots. Simply no mistake!

Subtle and pink accents

For a great result, apply a pink nail (in line) to the base of each nail. Although almost imperceptible from a distance, it will no doubt attract close attention.

Dama Gorriz

Add a romantic line to your manicure with this beautiful contoured red silhouette. Additional tip: Skip the shiny top cover.

Another French manicure

Another great way to get red nails – complete with sharp silver tips. Isn’t silver your choice? Red and gold are a good mix.

Two-color game

Create an attractive red manicure by combining red and coral nail in different ways – as in the example above.

Just a hint of red

And in the shape of a heart. So who would want such a manicure ?!

Triple pleasure

Red + burgundy shade + empty space makes it look like we can’t take our eyes off it. And you?

Shadow waves

The combination of the wavy and ombre technique creates an artistic stamp.

From bush to bush

Who said you need long nails for a striking design ?! Add tufts on a pure basis!


And red as an essential part of this “expensive”. It’s easy to create a look like this, it’s a lot more fun than mono options.

lepotaizdravlje.rsInstagram / @disseynails, via LightFieldStudios / iStock Getty Images

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