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Victoria Beckham’s secret beauty

Victoria Beckham’s beauty secret is reflected in her long-term search for the perfect way to care for her face and body skin. And here’s what I learned from that trip.

Among the famous ladies on list A, each one stands out in some way and is a role model for the others. Some admire her hair, others her height and others care for her facial skin. Victoria Beckham is in first place in this last category.

Having spent almost her entire life in the world of beauty, Victoria has long been looking for the perfect recipe for healthy, well-groomed skin. And now that its fifth decade is approaching, we can freely say that it was a success! And here’s how!

Victoria Beckham’s secret beauty

1 Facial massages

Victoria swears by facial massages and said they have helped her get rid of the acne she has struggled with for years.

2 Natural products

To care for facial and body skin, this singer and model only uses products on a natural basis, free of odors, odors and harmful chemicals. Victoria says: When it comes to cosmetics, go green and vegan.

3 Hydration

Skin hydration is always and everywhere the first place in Victoria Beckham’s care routine. Facial sprays and creams are essential components of the beauty routine and her bottles are carried everywhere.

4 Sponge and dust

To set the powder on the stone, Victoria uses a sponge and not brushes. That said, the skin looks better and more pleasing.

5 To smooth your hair

He doesn’t go anywhere without the right to straighten his hair. But Victoria uses irons that don’t heat her up to keep her hair from drying out and cracking.

6 Caring for your nails

Most of us forget to take care of the cuticles, but not Victoria. This part of the toes is lubricated with moisturizing cream or oil daily.

7 Eye masks

Victoria does not go anywhere without an eye mask, they are also there to prepare before makeup. So his eyes are never swollen, and there aren’t that many wrinkles around.

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8 Day and night cream

Although there are different day and night creams on the market, Victoria uses the same for both parts of the day.

9 Inside the skin care

The skin must be nourished from the outside, so it must also be nourished from the inside. Therefore, Beckham pays attention to his diet and ingests omega 3 fatty acids through fish so that the skin is always shiny.

10 Light therapy

Light therapy rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, so Victoria is a big fan of these treatments. At this point, she pays special attention to the skin of the neck.

11 They offer lip products

Full and beautifully defined lips give you a youthful look. That’s why Victoria’s makeup seal offers one of the lips she loves. Before applying the lipstick, the lips are framed with a pencil.

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