11 unusual ideas from stylists around the world

Holiday outfits

The holiday outfits we present below are unique, unusual, unusual and, above all, comfortable and suitable for any occasion.

The time of the New Year and Christmas holidays is approaching. That’s why we’re starting to think about what we’re going to wear for the reception and what we’re going to wear for the family’s Christmas meal. In addition, it is a time of glory, but also for corporate dinners organized by many companies every year. And we give you some great ideas on what to wear in the week so you don’t have to “hit your head”.

Holiday outfits chosen by stylists around the world


Red is a classic holiday option. If you are not a fan of this color, choose a detail such as skirt, bag, scarf or nail polish.

Fake hair

This outfit looks luxurious and goes well with almost any outfit combination. With a metal accessory, you will look great.


Holidays are also the first association with sequins and scales, and this great material is back in vogue. Whether you choose trousers, a blazer or a t-shirt, you can’t go wrong with sequins this holiday season.

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Wide pants

These pants are an illusion. Although they look formal, they are very festive and elegant at the same time. And you’ll have more space in your stomach, and that’s great news when it comes to the holiday table.


Sky pants are suitable for all styles, so they can be worn with jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, sneakers, boots or heels.

Like pajamas

This look is unusual, comfortable and can be worn with flat shoes or high heels.

Bright colors

Red, white and green are obvious options for a holiday atmosphere. In addition, choose red ruby ​​or emerald green for an added wow effect.


Metal clothing, and especially suits, has been a huge hit this season. Combine nude colors and throw black ones with them.

Blazer dress

It looks great for office and entertainment. Combine these dresses with knee-high boots with an expressive ring and hanging earrings.

Silk dress

The perfect choice for a crazy night out. It is challenging, comfortable and emphasizes the figure.

Silk dress in a different way

If you don’t like to dress in a classic way, “light up” a silk dress with a oversized jacket or roller underneath.

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