Beauty and health We reveal to you what are the best health benefits of aloe vera

The health benefits of aloe vera are numerous, and we discover the 8 best!

This delicious plant has a long history of use for health purposes, dating back to ancient Egypt. Aloe vera grows naturally in North America, Northern Europe and the Canary Islands. Today, they are grown in all tropical regions around the world. Below we are discovering some of the best health benefits of this plant.

Health benefits of aloe vera


Aloe vera gel cools and reduces irritation, so it is recommended in relieving sunburn. In addition, it is rich in water and minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin and speed up the recovery process.

Shaving cream replacement

The gel of this plant can serve as a shaving cream. In addition to preventing skin irritation, it deeply hydrates it and makes it soft and supple.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Some studies have shown that drinking aloe vera juice can help regulate blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics. Also, the juice of this plant has been shown to be effective in weight loss.

Salvation for dry skin

The health benefits of aloe vera are also reflected in hydration dry skin. Namely, this plant contains vitamins E and C which strengthens the skin barrier making it soft and supple.

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Hair growth

Proteolytic enzymes in aloe promote hair growth making the scalp healthier. In addition, the gel of this plant can be used as a conditioner or mask. And the result is healthy and shiny hair.

Insect bites

In summer, it is ideal to have aloe vera gel with you because it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is recommended in the treatment of insect bites such as mosquitoes.

Improves digestion

Namely, ingredients such as amino acids, enzymes and sterols have a beneficial effect on the digestive organs. Consider adding aloe vera gel to smoothies or juices.

Skin rejuvenation

The high level of antioxidants in this plant supports the creation of new skin cells, removes redness and strengthens the skin. Therefore, aloe vera is an ingredient in many anti-aging preparations. Agustin Vai / iStock / Getty Images Plus through Getty Images

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