New independent resorts and hotels will not have to struggle for new opportunities or contacts. A hotel company may need external assistance from time to time. But, what is more important is their willingness and ability to listen to and follow the advice of consultants. Michels & Taylor’s experienced property team can project manage hotel renovations or improvement plans.

Feasibility objective studies, analysis of the aims & objectives of your hotel project in order to determine its feasibility. Our methodology is based upon Business Intelligence and continuous assessment of your hotel data. fieladvisors allows us to develop your IT integration to create an effective ROI for you business. Mastel ensures that your team’s knowledge never goes out of date thanks to its constant updating. Our operating training, Improved workflows, detection and correction of operating errors, improved use of system by employees, guarantees the on-going personnel’s knowledge. Staying power – Europe hotel industry overview – Opportunities in Spain, Italy and France. Hotel investment media specialist, Hotel Analyst, lays out the challenges of the post-Covid Spanish hotel sector.
Like the old saying goes, you can have things fast and expensive or cheap and slow — but never both. These services are standalone in nature but they are designed for interaction to enhance the value of our clients. The client has the option to choose any of these options or to choose them all in order to increase their value. Impact Consulting prides themselves on being able offer to our clients a team that is highly energetic and dynamic.
I can tell you that in only 5 months, the increase was beyond our expectations. For example, our revenue grew 66% in five months. We provide hospitality consulting services that are unique to each project. They are tailored to each client’s needs. PWC’s expertise is evident in its approach to branding marketing via strategy+business. This publication covers a broad range of topics, including redefining B2C and/or B2B customer experience and planning ahead for the unexpected. Recent insights in hospitality include a global survey about restoring confidence and corporate travel collaboration, safety, loyalty, and U.S. hospitality direction for May 2020. Some marketing consultants are able to manage complete revenue projects by combining digital marketing campaigns and a holistic revenue management plan.
She is direct and to the point. Alison has a deep understanding of the business structures necessary for growth. She formulates a strategic and logical approach. She is professional and cares about your success as a businessperson and for your personal well-being. To maximize venue potential using our expertise, dedication and passion in the hospitality industry.
Star Quality Hospitality assists owners and managers of independent hotels and restaurants with operational issues such as ineffective procedures, staffing issues and unhappy customers. If you are an Independent Restauranteur or Hotelier and are looking to improve the efficiency of your operation, increase your sales, and train your staff, then this is the place for you. Alison Magee-Barker provides expertise, strategic advice and practical actions that add to the profit of any business. We had just experienced a major change at the Charity. Staff changes, new Charity name, new management, and a new 3-year plan. We knew Alison would be our partner when we got the chance to work together. Before Alison helped me, I struggled to see the forest from the trees. I needed guidance and help with a strategy and sales plan.

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