Beauty and health The best anti-spice herbs you can include in your daily menu today!

We present you the best anti-spice herbs that you should include in your daily menu today!

Herbs and spices have many health benefits, so they eliminate insomnia, nausea, skin problems… but they can also be an excellent anti-aging ally. Here it is herb best at combating the signs of aging.

Herbs against spices


In addition to fighting viruses and bacteria, basil helps regenerate skin cells. Therefore, it reduces wrinkles and makes the skin more elastic.


This aromatic spice has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can help fight acne. At the same time, it strengthens the skin.

India’s saffron

Thanks to the fact that it helps the work of the pancreas, turmeric affects the detoxification of the body. And healthy skin is beautiful skin!


Lavender is known for soothing, relieving headaches and stress. And stress manifests itself in our skin.


This anti-aging herb is a powerful antioxidant and fights inflammation in the body. It also cleanses the whole body, including the skin.

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Parsley contains chlorophyll, vitamin C, folic acid and other minerals that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Green tea

Drinking a few cups of green tea makes our skin healthier, tighter and more beautiful. It is especially good for the skin around the eyes.

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