Foods that increase serotonin: It’s time for a new daily menu!

Foods that increase serotonin not only make us happier, but also help us have a better quality sleep. Here is what it’s all about.

Serotonin is a chemical transmitter of messages that affects the stabilization of mood. Research has shown that serotonin levels affect not only a person’s mood but also his behavior. This hormone is also associated with longer lifespan.

Aside from the fact that there are supplements that increase the secretion of this hormone, some foods can also help us improve mood. Here are some.

Foods that increase serotonin


Eggs are rich in tryptophan, an essential fatty acid to which serotonin binds. In addition to making us happier, this fatty acid also helps regulate the sleep cycle. In addition, it is also known to be excellent in combating episodes of depression and anxiety.

Thus, consuming eggs improves mood, relieves depression and improves motivation and productivity.


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This dairy product is also rich in tryptophan, and the combination of cheddar cheese, milk and eggs is ideal in the fight for a better mood.


This fruit contains 10 milligrams of tryptophan per cup. Reason enough enough to eat pineapple every day. Note: it is best to consume it fresh.


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Great news for all vegans! Instead of cheese and eggs, you can consume tofu, which is also rich in tryptophan, to increase serotonin.


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In addition to lowering blood pressure, strengthening the heart and controlling cholesterol levels, salmon is also rich in tryptophan.

Nuts and seeds

All stone fruits, as well as seeds, improve mood, and in addition, they represent a great source of energy. An ideal choice for breakfast!


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This meat is full of tryptophan and can help you improve your mood. a_namenko / iStock / Getty Images Plus through Getty Images

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