21 wonderful ideas for New Year’s gifts that will appeal to all women

21 ideas for New Year's gifts

21 ideas for New Year’s gift editors .

The New Year’s holidays are getting closer and closer, so we’re thinking a lot about gifts for loved ones. To facilitate your selection, be part of the editorial team she brings her favorites – believing that there is no woman who doesn’t like these little things!

21 ideas for New Year’s gifts

21 ideas for New Year's gifts

Jasmina Ubiparip, Deputy General and resp. L&Z editors

Love to carry

Bring a little love into your daily life! Sweaters and T-shirts are the perfect way to do that Love at the hands of Valentina, with beautiful illustrations that spark the imagination.

To get real food …

… For those who know that the quickest way to reach a loved one’s heart is the stomach, a wonderful gift will be a bunch of spices that will help them shine in the kitchen. You will find a great opportunity there Enjoy store.

Plan for a successful year

A well-organized planner can’t be a bad idea, right? We have mentioned some of our favorites in this post.

Something smooth, comfortable and durable

And you’ll find things that describe the three epithets mentioned above in the brand’s store Comfortableso choose. If you’re interested in learning more about this brand and the concept of slow fashion, we’ve talked to the brand owner in this post.

Let go of the smell!

Handmade Homemade Butter soy wax candles and bars will bring a scent of transformation to the home of the person you are giving. I especially recommend the fragrant wardrobe bars, whose scent makes choosing a wardrobe a special pleasure.

Dream pottery

Because handmade pottery, like Atelier Đir’s, “is not just a product you buy, it’s someone’s creativity, thousands of attempts and failures, inspiration, ideas,” says artist Milica Petrović, who runs this studio.

Online fitness training

Get your loved one to start training in 2022. We won’t hesitate to tell you – thank you! Find an interview with fitness coach Srdjan Šijan here about the benefits of online training.

21 ideas for New Year's gifts

Dragica Brkljač, L&Z beauty editor

Very nice!

How to congratulate someone in the sweetest way on the New Year? That’s right – every bite Casachok Belgian chocolate is a holiday in itself.

Mini, unusual and unique

M stock market Italian leather mini-bags with walnut sides don’t go unnoticed. We are sure you will enjoy what you want.


Marine Freedom jewelry, a blend of ancient craft-metalworking techniques and unusual designs, created for all who seek originality.

For a hidden winter

Winter + wool blanket = the perfect combination, especially for those who threaten winter! NITI designed the rugs and blankets A very thin but warm hand-woven blanket, made of homemade wool, will not disappoint their hopes.

Green beauty

If you are a nature lover and you are thinking of a gift when it comes to caring, choose from the brand’s wallet. Eridan Cosmetics you won’t go wrong! In addition to being free of parabens, sulfates and mineral oils, they also take care of your skin’s pH safety level and are completely vegan.

Wool hair accessories

Strong and soft at the same time, the soft wool of the homemade handmade brand Woolnia and is on our wish list.

Responsive, but with style!

Although we hope to end the pandemic as soon as possible, tomorrow A handmade 100% linen protective mask – also a fashion statement today – will be a practical gift for all those who love and protect it.

21 ideas for New Year's gifts

Aleksandra Rakić, portal editor

A journey into a magical world

I’m a big fan of fiction, so I like to open up new perspectives to others. The first part of the book The wheel of time he also inspired the filming of the newly released series of the same name. The plot itself revolves around the First-born Dragon whose mission is to save his world on the return of the Dark. The story follows several characters, each of whom plays one of the key roles in the turning point of the world …

Adrenaline injection

If you want to congratulate someone in an original way, my proposal is to give them a voucher to climb on an artificial rock. With the help of a professional, find out how climbers conquer mountain peaks! One of the places you can try this is the climbing club Adrenaline From Novi Sad.

To highlight those eyes

I think all ladies enjoy the gifts of change. And Sephorina palettes certainly follow the latest trends. This beautiful pink palette features 10 simple neutral shades and metallic glamor, pastel pink, warm brown and peach shades, as well as two larger bases that you can use without fear of quickly running out. Something for everyone!


Some things never go out of style, and others come back to us. This is also true with hanging earrings. Although there is a huge opportunity today, I am always in favor of the slogan: “Let’s support small businesses”, and especially young women workers. So in that sense, I came across a great @lore_jewlery Instagram account that sells quality jewelry, modern and quite special. These are my hanging earrings of my choice, and I would definitely recommend checking out this profile.

Refresh your loved one’s home

Real gifts are definitely the best gifts! Choose an unusual decoration for walls or shelves and enjoy your loved ones. These wall shelves Ideal shape with its design and combination of metal and wood decor, it will bring dynamism to any living space.

Always on trend

We’ve already written on the portal that fluffy bags are a new hit for next season. So save your favorite lady on time. Zara has a large range of such bags.

Also read … This winter there will be soft and soft bags everywhere

Let’s save the planet

Writing it has always been (and will be!) in favor of the planet. Lastly, I would like to remind you that when choosing a gift, think about our environment as well. In this regard, we remind you that you can also find gifts made of sustainable materials. We came across some of them Ikea shops.

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