30 Complete Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

The “30 days” diet has become a more popular movement in viral health day by day. And here’s what it’s all about.

This diet (ing. Osoa30), as its name suggests, is a month-long diet. During this period the body is cleansed and, in addition to health, this diet also has psychological benefits.

“30 days” diet

The idea of ​​the program is simple: throw away foods that harm us within 30 days. After the initial month, banned foods are introduced slowly, and at the same time their effects on the body are controlled.

The diet has strict rules and a list of foods that are allowed and not allowed. Of course, there is no cheating during this period.

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Some dietitians believe that with this diet we restore the body by preventing foods that cause inflammation, digestive problems and hormonal imbalances in the body. Unlike other diets, this diet is not based on counting calories and measuring portions. I

Previous research has shown that this diet increases energy levels, improves sleep, reduces hunger attacks, and improves fitness and, in addition, weight loss.

What foods are for SMEs to consume?

Meat: Meat, beef, pork, lamb, duck, turkey, chicken
A fish and seafood
Eggs: All types of eggs are allowed, including egg foods such as homemade mayonnaise
Fruit: All dried and fresh fruits (preferably fresh)
Vegetables: All vegetables
All kinds seeds and nuts they are allowed, except for peanuts
Vegetable milk, butter and vegetable flour are allowed
Healthy fats: Vegetable oils (coconut is preferred)

What foods should NOT be consumed?

Sugars and artificial sweeteners, including honey, aga-syrup, maple and the like.
Cereals: Depending on whether they are whole or not, all cereals are prohibited (oats, rice, corn, wheat …)
Legumes: Lentils, peas, beans … should be avoided. The exception is beans.
Soy and all soy products, including tofu, soy sauce and the like.
Dairy products: Yoghurts, cheese, ice cream …
Highly processed foods: 100% natural juices included.


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