3D curls are the new hit of 2022: here’s what it’s all about

3D curls are a new way to keep curly hair …

In recent years, we have seen many ways to create curls, but combing is almost always done to make the curls calmer and more volume.

3D curls

This year, the trends are slightly different. Although bob hairstyles are still important, the context of the curls has changed. Now the focus is on multi-dimensional hairstyles and 3D curls that emphasize the natural texture of the hair.


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And don’t worry, this trend doesn’t apply to curly or wavy hair. But it is certainly true that curls are more stressed than in recent years. In any case, it is important to use a strong gel or conditioner that will define the curls and create a curl in the hair at the beginning. But after the hair is completely dry (do not touch it during the drying process), it is gently released by running your fingers through the hair, but pressing lightly.

Curls like this will look even better if they are bright, so choose products with moisturizing ingredients. Our advice is to choose a hair spray or a bright serum to massage the curl, which has already been fixed.


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If you have naturally curly hair, don’t worry, your hair type can handle much more products than straight hair, and if you have straight hair, the best way to create these curls is to use small figaro and non-curly products. so “heavy”.

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