4 makeup looks that perfectly represent the character of this sign


Pisces are great romantics who tend to escape the mystical worlds, which is why makeup with an artistic and romantic stamp fits them perfectly, as well as looks inspired by water surfaces.

The fish, which symbolize two individuals swimming in opposite directions, have a deep, layered personality. Compared to all the other zodiac signs, they are the most compassionate, emotionally conscious and open-minded, and they are always the shoulder to cry on for everyone around them. However, because of their empathy, Pisces is often overwhelmed by the emotions of others, and as a result they seek refuge in fantasy. Along with fantasy comes interest and connection to the mystical world. This zodiac sign is also known for being romantic, attracting classic and simple love, similar to that of the movies. In addition, Pisces are sensitive and emotional. Finally, they are also artistically free, be they singing, painting, dancing … And here are some makeup looks that perfectly represent their character …

Pisces: 4 looks adapted to this zodiac sign


Pink cheeks, dewy skin and soft, subtle makeup will definitely help you express your romantic vein in your eyes.

Inspired by the ocean

As a sign of the water, Pisces has a deep connection to the ocean, so it makes sense to show that with playful makeup. Be it a shadow or an eyeliner, stick to the overflowing shades of blue. And use a pink blush that will perfectly mimic your color after a day at the beach.


Connect with your art side! Look for inspiration in the shots Euphoria – Look what you like and make it your own. You will not regret it!


A smoky, purple look will help you express the mystical side of your personality.


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