4 models you need to have in your closet

Jeans worth investing in

Jeans that are worth investing in are the ones that make you feel good, that you can combine with different styles and that will last you!

Jeans are durable in terms of fashion and we don’t think there is at least one pair of denim pants in the wardrobe. In addition to being easy to combine with any clothing combination, well-fitting jeans also have an impact on sustainability. They are longer lasting and incredibly adaptable.

When it comes to investing in clothes, it’s important to remember two things: to wear clothes over and over again and you’ll need pieces that easily fit into your evening and day variations. That’s why we’ve covered the topic of jeans models that you should have.

Jeans worth investing in


The fashion stamp of the seventies, the bell ringers, will probably be in vogue forever. It may not be the way women used it at the time, but there are always variations on the theme in the fashion world. Low-rise jeans can be a great fashion stamp, and in addition to being easy to fit into sandals and sneakers, they look great with high-heeled shoes.

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Deep waist

Jeans that perfectly follow the line of our body and have a high waist, visually tighten the appearance and adapt to all body types. They can be worn with slippers, heels, T-shirts, shirts, T-shirts … You can get a chic look without any problems.

Skinny jeans

Generation Z, it seems to us, is not excited about this trend, but skinny jeans are a hit in the winter months. We can simply dig deep into them. In addition, they look great with sweaters, t-shirts and large sweaters.


The strapless pants were cut for a while, but that was it. This type of jeans is perfect when you don’t know what to wear. And it can be combined with shirts, T-shirts, tops, skates … And when it comes to shoes, they look great in sandals, sneakers, sneakers and even high-heeled shoes.

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