5 bright eyeliner created for the holiday

bright eyeliner

Here are five eye-catching eyeliner and inspirational makeup ideas that will give you a glamorous stamp on your look.

The shiny eyeliner perfectly matches the festive and festive atmosphere. Along with New Year’s biscuits and champagne, it’s the perfect holiday party option. This makeup product will allow you to feel the holiday shine and glamor again. If you prefer metallic shades, weird shades or a fine, shiny pastel sheen, we bring you an inspirational look, as well as five bright eyeliner, at least one of which should be an honorable place in your makeup bag. It will matter, take our word for it!

5 inspirational looks + bright eye liner

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1. Makeup Revolution Gems Gold Dust liquid glitter eye liner 2. NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liner Stick Graphic Purple eyeliner 3. Artdeco Glamor 21 Diamond Eyeliner Liquid 015 4. Pupa Gold Me Liquid Metaliner 5. Chanel Emerald Green Waterproof Eye Pen

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