5 main pieces that form the basis of his style

How to dress Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber’s way of dressing is always up for grabs, whether she’s caught on the streets of Manhattan or on the red carpet.

This pattern actually represents a Generation Z pattern when it comes to clothing. In addition to wearing stylish pieces when the opportunity arises, Haley also loves the relaxed, sporty look. And here are the essential clothes that make it special.

How to dress Hailey Bieber


Her style would not be complete without a blazer. Whether classic, body, oversized, neutral or colorful, Haley wears them all.

Leather and more leather

Haley loves leather clothing combinations, so she wears them on outings, but also in everyday variations. The leather definitely fits in any case.

Green, I love you green

Green is one of the most popular colors this year, and we think these shades are also Haley’s favorites. Be it clothes, accessories or jewelry, Haley carefully chooses the green pieces for her outfit.

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Long coats

Coats, down to the floor, are what we see most about this model. And whether they wear boots or shoes with them depends on the occasion. Certainly everything goes well with a coat like this.


Without sunglasses, Haley, in our opinion, doesn’t get out of her house. As for sunscreen, weird looks and paparazzi to complete your look. A pair of glasses is also shared with his wife Justin Bieber.

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