5 new perfumes we want in our cosmetics

new scents

From reinterpretations to innovative and ecological scents – these five new scents have attracted attention …

There is never enough new scent in the collection, at least in our case. From one season to the next, our range of scents increases in several new bottles. Not surprisingly, it is very difficult to deal with these new “achievements”. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like monotony … The spring scent scene is very rich and varied, and here are some notes that have caught our attention in particular …

5 new scents created for the summer

Chloe Nomad Eau de Parfum Naturallle

This fragrance celebrates the fusion of cultures and the poetry of encounters. It combines luxury and a willingness to contribute to social and environmental responsibility. It fully expresses the commitment of the fashion house Chloe to put its creative vision at the service of improving the impact of activities on the planet and in society in general. Now, with a 100% natural and ecological scent, Chloe represents a bright and unbearable jasmine flower. The first impression is that this new scent excites the imagination, revealing distant landscapes soaked in the sunset. The essence of Bergamot is evident – as refreshing as the wind in a dune – while the absolute jasmine of Egypt gives it a sensual and generous tone. The timeless elegance of the flower is matched by the smooth concordance of the date, while the vanilla and sandalwood woods create a warm and intoxicating base.


BOSS LIVE Lively it is a fragrance for those who live a passionate life, without moderation. He reminded us that believing in common sense and accepting the unexpected is the best way to enjoy life to the fullest. It opens with strong raspberry notes that remind it of its enduring strength to take advantage of every opportunity and accept risk. The lively base is made up of a shiny betiver that reflects self-confidence, and sensual benzoin shows a new dimension of seduction.

Gucci Bloom eau de toilette

It arose from the idea of ​​absolute authenticity. This masterpiece by the master perfumer Albert Morillas contains a trio of flowers: an extract of jasmine shoots, tuberose and red jasmine. Like the same smell that opens up by its name, though Gucci Bloom women flourish in a natural, expressive, and individual way, without the usual restrictions. Everything Gucci Bloom perfumes identify with the modern philosophy of the fashion house and celebrate the vitality and diversity of those who enjoy life and its fruits in order to flourish in their true identity.

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Lancôme Yes, Life is Beautiful

ten years from the slogan Life is nice (life is nice), Lancôme The manifesto of happiness is forever renewed with the words: Yes, life is beautiful (Yes, life is beautiful). Combining the evocative flowers of this brand, the house is celebrating a new decade of its mythical scent with a new one. perfume water in limited quantities. Life blossoms and says “Yes” to freshness with juicy raspberry notes. Then a bouquet full of flowers appears, and there it is Iris pale, gourmet rhapsody (which carries the original edition of this fragrance) matches the three most popular flowers of this brand in generous proportions. Arabian jasmine, a symbol of love, subtly attracts magnetic attraction, while ylang-ylang emits the sensual, slightly spicy energy of the sun and illuminates it with warm, vivid light. The essence of the Damascus rose explodes in its brilliance and surrounds the core of the scent with the petals and precious notes of this famous flower queen.

Avon Far Away Aurora scent

This gourmet scent of the East will help you turn everything off and live a unique experience! The exquisite brilliance of the unbearable vanilla bourbon, with its stunning blend of refreshing notes of water lilies and roses, is reminiscent of the moment when the warm rays of the sun soak the frozen world, creating the northern lights, a unique kaleidoscopic spectacle.


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