5 trends to help you shine on New Year’s Eve


From red lips, sequined hair to golden nails … These five trends will take your look to the next level!

New Year’s Eve means shine, brilliance and glamor, especially when it comes to your looks. Over the last twelve months, we have seen a resurgence of the maximalist style, but also more daring trends: from multi-colored make-up to bold prints and textures that dominated the episodes. For a New Year’s party, hug the bravest, because the more the more! So don’t be afraid to go beyond your standard scope. Let the next five trends inspire you!

Five trends that will set you apart from others

red lips

Thick red lips never lose their appeal and attractiveness. It’s important to find the tone that best matches your skin tone.

Glitter eyeliner + crystals

Add a little shine to your eyes with an eyeliner with shiny particles and don’t hesitate to combine it with a small crystal. Believe me, no one can be immune to such an effect!

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Face – in the foreground

Highlight your face with the constellation of diamonds, as Amanda Gorman did at the 2021 Met Gala. Or, if you think it’s too much, add some strategically placed crystals.

Sequins ilean


No one asked, but I still delivered #hairtinsel

♬ daily – favsoinuak

TikTok has returned the hair lentils to add a little shine to your hair as festive and fun.

Golden nails

It will be a success! From fun dotted sequins to special golden tops, similar to a French manicure – a metallic shade will enrich every manicure story.


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