6 beauty rules Dua Lipe: Step by step to a flawless face

Dua Lipa’s 6 beauty rules are what make this singer’s face fresh, healthy and bright.

Between tours, songs and records, between events and holidays, Dua Lipa still manages to take care of his appearance. Precisely because he always finds time to take care of his face, his face is flawless. And it has nothing to do with good genes.

If you have been asked how Dua Lipa feeds, we will explain it below.

6 beauty rules Dua Lipe

No makeup as much as possible

Dua Lipa tries not to put on makeup as soon as the opportunity arises.

I try not to wear makeup, whenever possible. These days, I only apply moisturizer on my face. Also, when I do my makeup, when I don’t have a performance, I only use powder, mascara and bronze. I don’t use heavy bases and let the skin breathe.

Makeup removal

Night care is just as important as day care. The singer removes her makeup as soon as she gets home.

I clean it first every nightso I apply makeup oil to get rid of it. I then wash my face with a cleansing cream, then apply a probiotic serum and moisturizer. In the morning I wash my face again and then I apply a serum with niacinamide. Then moisturizer and then cream with a protective factor.

Sun protection

For Dua Linden, daily facial care cannot be passed without SPF cream

I try to use sunscreen every day. Sometimes I forget of course.


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Strange beauty care

Believe it or not, but the singer uses a toothbrush to exfoliate her lips.

That way, my lips look fuller, and I also improve circulation. I also use a toothbrush to shape my eyebrows, but also to comb my eyelashes after putting on a mask.

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Visit a dermatologist

I have sensitive skin and I go to the dermatologist for treatments once a month. I also use microneedling from time to time.

Eyebrow cutting

The duo has natural eyebrows and rarely fits with tweezers.

I received thick eyebrows from my father, and they are so long that a hair can touch the eyelids! And I try not to break a lot of them. Luckily, thick eyebrows are in vogue now, he joked at the end.

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