6 manicure ideas created for Earth Day

"green" design

The green “nail design” not only evokes interesting, striking and fun, but also raises ecological awareness.

The month we celebrate Earth Day has arrived, and we strive to take care of it every day and promote environmental awareness in a variety of ways. Of course, there are specific things we do because of this — every day — but on this special date (April 22) we decided to focus our attention on a manicure with ideas based on this topic. That’s why this month we’re painting our nails green, blue, decorating trees, leaves, clouds, oceans… Who knows, maybe we’ll encourage you to adopt a “green” design!

Green design – variations of the theme

Inspired by the ocean

The waves at the base of your nails are so stylish! Take two shades of blue nail polish and one white, and then, using the dark art brushes (the one you use for fine detail), start applying from the darkest to the lightest. Because of the turbulent waves, you can rest assured of your imperfections. Simply before applying the next layer, wait until the previous one has dried to get the best results.

Animal touch

Even if you don’t need to be a vegetarian or vegan, this design can encourage you to avoid meat at least once a week.

Tree of Life “

Plant a tree for each tree you paint on your nails. It will be a fun incentive to be “greener”!

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Blue tones

Don’t have time for nail art? No problem! Instead, paint each nail a different shade of blue. The shadow effect will be reminiscent of the oceans and will ignite the need to protect them.

A symbol of nature

Paint your nails in your favorite shade of green, and carefully draw fine lines on one of them to make a simple leaf.

Move the sky to your nails!

This beautiful design, with the sky and the clouds as the main words, seems to say, “Let’s reduce pollution.”

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