6 models that will dominate the fashion world

Boots for 2022

The boots for 2022 are a little different from the ones we are used to, and they all have the same goal: to be a true expressive detail of the outfit.

Two years ago, the fashion world was focusing on expressive outfits, at least in terms of outfits, so that we don’t forget about the pandemic and the past, when we literally didn’t leave our home.

In this sense, this year’s boots are a variety of models, from cowgirls to shiny knee-length models to striking details. Well-known designers were also very creative, playing with different shades and shapes. Here are 6 models that will flood the streets this year.

Boots for 2022.

Super style boots

Practical and comfortable models have long taken the lead in the fashion world, but that is not the case with this piece of footwear. Although they are not very comfortable, they do leave an impression. This is why they are recommended for “short distances”.

It’s more … more!

This year, the focus will be on grooming, which is why boots continue this trend. It doesn’t matter if you have high heels or a flat model. It is important to note that.


If you like heels, but want to be comfortable, we have great news for you! The platform boots will be a complete success in 2022.

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A subtle transition from the big boots of previous seasons and a kind of homage to the grunge era of the 90s.

Small heels

Heels are in the spotlight in 2022, and designers have experimented a bit with heels. So we have cylindrical heels that imitate the shape of an hourglass or short and pointed … It’s up to you to choose your favorite model.


Metal has certainly been a trend for a long time, and this season, party outfits are returning. Therefore, we will wear brighter and more spectacular boots.

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