6 shades that will dominate the fashion world

Colors in 2022

The colors of 2022 are very accurate, and here’s what it takes.

Searching on the social networks and sites of famous fashion brands, we know that everyone is announcing some shades that seem to be everywhere during 2022.

Some are neutral, others we are already accustomed to, and some colors are very spectacular and will certainly leave an impression, be it a full outfit or a particular fashion detail or accessory. Anyway, get ready to paint with this palette this year!

Colors in 2022.


Since oats have become an essential part of every breakfast, it seems that their popularity has spread to the fashion world. Beige, neutral shades will be very popular whether you choose trousers, blazer, bag or shoes.

The shadow of the mandarin

As we have said, we have already seen some colors, and orange shades are just one of them. And even though we wore a slightly darker shade last year, get ready for a striking orange tangerine in 2022!

Green olives

The shades of green have been very popular for several seasons, and it seems that the olive is at the top of that spectrum. So immerse yourself in this area of ​​calmer, more neutral greens.

Red Merlot

Yellow shades are definitely always in vogue, and this season, so-called stylists are voting for merlot red, or the color of red wine. It’s darker, more neutral, but still noticeable.


Purple shades flooded all social media last year, and this season we recommend shades of lilac and evergreen plants.

Chocolate brown

Chocolate certainly doesn’t go out of style, and we also use these shades in pants, coats, shoes, and handbags. Everything is allowed, from dark chocolate to shades of milk.

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