7 main colors for spring

Colors to encourage humor

These are mood swings that will make you happy in the spring and summer.

Need help setting your goals? It may be time to start dressing in certain colors. With spring as a powerful cosmic energy, now is the time to make all your dreams come true.

Jokes aside, it has long been known that colors affect humor. And while some make us sad, sleepy or lethargic, others wake us up and make us happy. So in this sense, we suggest the 7 colors that should be in your clothes below, if you want to be in a better mood.

Colors to encourage humor


The bright red color is paired with orange tones with passion, courage and happiness. When we wear it, we express excitement and confidence, as well as positive energy. If your goal is optimism, choose this tone.

Hot pink

Different shades of this color affect us differently, but in terms of warm pink, it symbolizes play, love and passion. So if you want to stand out and notice, bring clothes in these shades.


Yellow is associated with the Sun, and the color itself expresses vitality and happiness. The yellow tone stimulates the mind, so it’s a good idea to dress up when we go to a job interview or an important exam.

The blue king

This shade of blue signifies authority, self-confidence, and loyalty. so the people who wear it mostly like to be in control of everything. This color also signifies power, trust, and diplomacy. Another nuance to consider when attending an important job interview or business meeting.

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More light

Peace, tranquility and tranquility, all this is indicated by the light purple colors. These nuances are also associated with deep feelings and spirituality.

Green neon

Many of us, especially after the pandemic, are eager for a fresh start. Maybe this vivid and energetic color will help you with that.

Brown “camel”

The biggest advantage of this shade is that it is easy to style and fit, both as a garment and as an accessory or as a whole outfit. The mix of orange and brown gives it an energetic touch and exudes independence.

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