8 fashion trends in 2021, which we will also be wearing in 2022.

8 fashion trends for 2021

These are 8 fashion trends for 2021 that will be as popular as 2022.

Last year brought us some bold fashion trends, all in line with people’s post-isolation feelings. Fashion has become bolder in itself, and this year we will be wearing some styles again. Here’s what he’s talking about.

8 fashion trends from 2021, which are also in fashion this year

Big boots

This shoe model was a complete success during 2021. And since they represent a practical, unusual, and expressive piece of fashion, there’s no doubt that we’ll be wearing them in the fall of 2022 as well.

Poof jacket

The return of these jackets marked the last fall and winter season. Comfortable, warm and suitable for any style, and by 2022 the streets will be flooded as soon as temperatures drop.

“Mother” jeans

Tight jeans are a thing of the past, and as we spend more time in our homes, we become more comfortable and relaxed. That’s where the return of the quieter “farks for moms” that will be worn again this year.

Everything fits

Last year we noticed that every outfit fits any style. So tops, cycling, leggings, skirts … Go perfectly with jackets, coats and boots. Don’t you believe us? Play with yourself and you will realize that everything can be shaped and shaped, perfectly.

Bright colors and thick prints

Fashion was monotonous throughout 2021, and this trend continues this year as well. Striking pieces, unusual prints, neon colors … Everything is allowed! And desirable!

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The lavender tones are still very popular, and last year they flooded Instagram. Choose your favorite shade and play with the rest of the outfit.


Yes, and knitwear is back in vogue. Sweaters, skirts, dresses, sets … Comfortable and unusual.

Statement necklace

Stylized necklaces were a big hit in 2021, so we hope to wear them in 2022 as well.

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