80’s fashion trends that will dominate in 2022: Look at your mother’s wardrobe!

80s fashion trends

80s fashion trends will be back on the doorstep next year!

It’s no secret that some of the trends of the 90s and 2000s have had great moments this year, but the “era of alternatives” isn’t the only one experiencing a renaissance. On the side mom jeans, short skirts and black dress pants, in the coming seasons, will bring some of the trends of the eighties to the stage. Here’s what it’s all about.

80s fashion trends in 2022.

Glam rocker

The eighties were the era of glamorous fashion, especially in the music industry. And above all the rock style was popular. In the coming seasons, it will return to fashion. Lace, statement belts and oversized jackets – more on that next time!


Scales, or sequins, were a real hit in the 80’s, and are now back in vogue. Also, the stronger the color, the better!

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Strapless jackets

Upholstered jackets are a great size that we will be wearing in the coming seasons. Next, choose a t-shirt that follows the body line and you will be in fashion wherever you appear.


Bodies have returned to the big door in vogue, and the possibilities are endless. In addition to the classic tie at the bottom, you can also choose the unusual cut. Along with them, we will wear loose pants or deep skirts.

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