A cheap concealer that covers all the flaws and keeps it on the surface

A cheap concealer that covers all the flaws while it stays on the skin is the dream of each of us. And now this dream has finally become a reality.

Writer: Lana Biželj

Good skin care is the biggest secret to perfect makeup, but just as important as skin care is the foundation we put on our face.

Since the powder and concealer enter the pores of the face directly and are in direct contact with it, it is very important to choose those that are not homogeneous and of good composition so as not to cause problems on the face. Make it a priority for you at all times, no matter what makeup product you are looking for. Everything that goes directly into your skin should be in good composition. Fortunately, we now have some inventive products on the market that have a strong and weak coating capacity that will keep your pores clean.

Our member Lana Biželj also went in search of the perfect hide-and-seek and hopefully found it!

A cheap concealer that covers all the flaws

If you ask me, I am constantly trying new face care products when it comes to the market, the most important thing for me is a good concealer that covers the cracked capillaries on my face. I put on a light powder that will leave the skin airy and shiny. And looking for the ideal concealer that will give me everything I need – to cover strength, durability and not oxidize, I found a creamy one. Catrice Ultimate Camouflage dissimulator, which won me over at first. It is an adapted and vegan version of the previous one Catrice camouflage cream a corrective, in my opinion, with a better capacity for durability and coverage.

Although it promises great coverage and durability, I have to admit that in the sea of ​​hide-and-seeks I’ve tried I still haven’t found that it meets all of my requirements, and that’s why I was skeptical. So far. In addition to all the performance it promises, it is also non-homedogenic and has several shades of warmer and cooler shades.

How I used the concealer Catrice Ultimate Camouflage Cream?

Pre-cleansed skin and skin care routine (Wait at least 30 minutes after the make-up routine for the products to be absorbed into your skin), I put it directly on the skin for light daily makeup. Only after that do I apply a light powder. Since the texture is thick and creamy, I apply it with my finger. Then I wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry a bit and then tap it to make the skin absorb better. Since I have a regular skin care routine, I haven’t had any problems with pimples or acne, so I can’t say how it covers them. However, I have a lot of pimples, a bit of hyperpigmentation in some places and some cracked capillaries. And light dusts never cover them. In this case, the result is perfect – a strong coating that is maintained throughout the 8-hour workday, does not oxidize, does not slip on the face and mixes well with all powders.

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For the evening, a little heavier makeupI apply it after the primer and translucent powder, even with my finger, I let it stand a little longer and then I lightly mix it on my face with a brush. After that, I apply a heavier powder, which also works well with this concealer, even though I have a combination skin where the products slip more easily due to excessive sebum secretion. If you want to apply it in several layers, wait until the first layer dries, and then just apply it to the second so that it doesn’t pile up.

The absolute bonus, as far as this concealer is concerned, is the price of the 360 ​​dinar product, Labor points out.

It’s definitely something you pay attention toIf you apply it with your fingers, use it only on your face and before inserting your finger into the container, disinfect your hands thoroughly so that bacteria do not accumulate, which can cause a reaction on the skin.

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