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Vanessa Hajins and oily skin

Vanessa Hajins and oily skin: We would think this is incompatible, but even celebrities don’t have skin problems. And how does this actor feed?

Although they look great on social media, on the red carpet, and on small screens, celebrity ladies don’t take away from us the problem of mortality. Some have cellulite, others have extra pounds, and still others have problematic skin. Luckily, most people today are in favor of clearly showing their natural appearance, with all its flaws. The message is: Let’s celebrate a woman’s body – we all have cellulite, acne, wrinkles … Go ahead and continue.

However, facial care, as far as we know, is time consuming, depending on the type of skin. And those of us with oily skin have certainly been fighting for years to bring balance. Here’s how Vanessa does it.

Vanessa Hajins and oily skin

Vanessa believes in a basic rule of healthy skin: cleansing.

Even if it’s half a day and you should put on makeup before you leave the house, wash your face first, says the actor.

After washing her face, Vanessa puts on a moisturizer. Avoid oils and serums because the skin is oily. He admits he had acne problems in his twenties because he consumed too much cheese and wine. It was noticed that diet also has a big effect on the appearance of facial skin.

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After washing her face, while applying the cream, Vanessa massages her facial skin. Then she starts with makeup, and as she says, the eyebrows are a mirror of the soul.

I try to use makeup only to emphasize natural beauty. I focus on my eyes and eyebrows and love the highlights. I also put blush in my eyes, she admitted, and added that she likes pink lips.

See her full face routine in the video below.

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