A new trend in welfare that is becoming more and more popular

forest bath

Bathing is a technique that originated in the 80’s in Japan and focuses on relaxation and well-being, both physically and mentally.

Forest bath or original: The forest bath comes from the term “shinrin-yoku”, which means sensual immersion, gentle movement, meditation and simple breathing, each adapted to the time of day, seasons and weather.

This trend has been embraced by more and more people, and it focuses on escaping the hustle and bustle and helping us to focus our senses and environment, the smell of plants, the chirping of birds, the breath of the fresh air of the forest …

These things make life easier, take care of you, relieve stress, help you relax, and restore energy and vitality. The important thing, however, is to fully dedicate yourself to this trend in order to enjoy its many advantages. Nature is always something we can enjoy for free. If you want to try this trend, find a quiet place where no one will bother you and turn off your phone. The point is that the senses are overwhelmed by the sounds, scenes and smells of the forest to reap the full benefits.

Bathing in the woods

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For this kind of well-being, it is important to stay in nature not only with the body but also with the mind and mind. This means cultivating mindfulness, through which we can connect more deeply with nature to get rid of accumulated stress and recharge our batteries.

This technique has recognized that this is what everyone needs to spend as much time away as possible, as even that little time can have a positive effect on their health. Especially since many people spend a lot of time indoors, away from home.

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What’s especially exciting about the whole story is that there are no rules: we choose the time and place. It is ideal to go to a place where there are not many people, so that we can fully relax and connect with nature and just let our bodies guide us. Nature is very powerful when you enjoy it. It will bring us peace, tranquility and happiness.

This natural therapy has a beneficial effect on reducing stress, symptoms of depression and all the negative factors around us. Do not confuse this practice with physical activity, because bathing in the forest is everything, not that. In this process, you truly dedicate yourself to the beauties of nature, disconnect yourself, and act in harmony with nature without distraction or hope. And that’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Try it today, take advantage of the holidays and the celebration of May 1st, if you are in nature.

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