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Devi Botomix serum, The serum under the eyes and the lightening cream from Herba Sveta cover will help you “go back in time”!

As the years go by, we become more and more grateful for the experience and wisdom they bring us. However, from time to time from a young age there is a nostalgia for tight, fresh and elastic skin. If only we could recover naturally, without Botox injections and cosmetic surgery! Fortunately, this is now possible, thanks to the peptides and amino acids that are essential parts of the skin’s necessary proteins, such as elastin and collagen, which give it flexibility. Collagen regenerates quickly and easily in our youth, but since the late twenties (onwards) we have less and less and it is weaker, especially if we are exposed to the sun regularly, if we consume cigarettes and eat poorly. The result is a smooth, wrinkled skin. And, what can be helpful in that case? Next products …

Devi Botomix serum for immediate lifting effect

Botomix serum is a new laboratory product Herba Svetathe company that produces the famous Femisan A. This high-quality serum contains natural ingredients that accelerate the construction of collagen and immediately lift the skin of the face, and their effect lasts throughout the day. The serum contains argirelin and SYN-AKE, strong peptides. Argireline is part of the botulinum toxin substrate, also known as Botox, and SYN-AKE mimics the action of 22 amino acid peptides. Waglerin-1isolated from snake venom, which has a botox-like effect.

The strength of the grass

Exposure to UV rays and hormonal changes, in addition to the degradation of collagen, also affect the drying of the skin. Botomix serum has the highest quality form of hyaluronic acid, CUBE 3 ™, which promotes skin hydration by binding to water molecules and adhering to the epidermis. In the fight against skin aging, this serum is combined with medicinal herbs: the ear, which regenerates and strengthens the skin’s immunity and, at the same time, prevents the appearance of spots and blemishes; marshmallow, yarrow, and buckthorn to prevent irritation; a bitter gourd that cleanses the skin, prevents pimples from appearing, rejuvenates the skin, and brightens the skin; viras and lemon balm, which promote microcirculation and provide freshness; as well as calendula, which increases moisture and prevents hyperpigmentation.

Under Eye serum – first aid for the problem area of ​​the eye

If you have problem areas around your eyes, dark circles and puffiness, it will help you jump Serum under the eyes silky texture and complete active ingredients. In addition to peptides and hyaluronic acid, it contains retinol and tocopherol, which improves circulation, reduces puffiness and restores skin freshness, and nourishes, hydrates and flattens the skin thanks to its rich fatty acids.

Lightening cream as an additional treatment

These two serums are perfect combined Lightening cream. The abundance of valuable ingredients also stimulates collagen production, prevents dehydration and thus slows skin aging, this extra cream also contains ginkgo extracts, and stimulates fibroblast reproduction with many flavonoids, protects the skin from oxidative stress, moisturizing. and elasticity. There is also eel extract, which is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C and is an excellent skin protector against the harmful effects of UV rays, as well as damask rose, which is responsible for protecting mature skin from stress, shrinking and removing pores. fine lines.


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