A strong desire to achieve will shake your world!

The sun in Capricorn

The Capricorn Sun is a celestial position that came to us on December 21st and will last for the next month. And what does that mean for every Zodiac sign in general?

This position of the sun will focus us on career and proof. Capricorn, as a horoscope sign, is ambitious, creative, patient, family oriented, dedicated, motivated and mature.

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However, at the same time, this sign of the Zodiac is materialistic, melancholy, pessimistic and sharp, especially towards himself. In addition, he is in power, relentless and eager to achieve status in society.

The sun in Capricorn

Those who have the Sun in their homeland in this sign often like to take the initiative, to be “dominant”. And that’s exactly what you can expect this time around. You will take the initiative, make decisions and prepare big plans.

Because you will be driven by the desire for success and power, some of you will not choose the means. Be careful. You will take care of your success and you will not notice it when you leave everything in that path. Relationships, love and friendship are possible. Keep in mind that success is immediate, and relationships with loved ones are enduring. Make that distinction and dedicate it to all areas of life.

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There is also a risk of isolation. As the sun is shining on this colder signal, you may be “raising the walls” around you. Don’t give up on your love and social life for work and the desire to succeed.

Capricorns often fall into dark moods. They are ruled by Saturn and are often taken too seriously. So don’t be surprised if you start acting like this next time.

The advice is to balance between success and the desire for power and to find that fine line between private and business. Be careful that when the Sun rises from Capricorn, you do not come out of that empty hand.

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