According to Pinterest, fashion trends for 2022 that we will all love

Fashion trends for 2022 according to pinterest

According to Pinterest, the fashion trends for 2022 are a special topic for reflection … Here’s what this platform envisions for next season.

Towards the end of each year, Pinterest publishes a list of trends that will be successful next year. And in 2021, we realized that 8 out of 10 predicted trends were right. And what about next year?

Fashion trends for 2022 according to Pinterest


Pearls are timeless and elegant for any outfit. And Pinterest predicts that 2022 will be a classic pearl ring for ladies and necklaces for men will be in vogue.

Dopamine dresses

Bright colors will flood our closets next year. We’ve already seen that on the catwalks of the world’s designers. Pinterest’s most sought-after colors will be fuchsia (cyclamen) as well as electric blue. It is precisely these tones that put us in a good mood.

Gothic style

This way of dressing has already taken over the fashion world, and next year the Gothic style is expected to be extended to workwear, as well as children’s clothing and pajamas.

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Kubotik kubo

Pinterest says that both millennials and “boomers” have embraced this trend, and that checkered patterns will continue in 2022.


This social platform says that silk pajamas will replace the current cotton ones.

Of course, this year we will follow the trends to find out if Pinterest was right again. Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images Entertainment; Emma McIntyre / Staff through Getty Images Entertainment; JP Yim / Stringer via Getty Images Entertainment;

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