All the health benefits of this diet

Early dinner

Early dinner has many health benefits, as all previous studies agree.

An old saying goes, “Just have breakfast, share lunch with someone, and give dinner to the enemy.” And most of us are guided by the opposite “rules”. So most of the time, because of the busy schedule, we skip breakfast, eat something along the way for lunch, and bring a large amount of food for dinner.

This can lead to poor lifestyle, poor nutrition, health problems and being overweight. Recent research has shown that late dinner increases body weight and blood sugar levels, slows down the metabolism and its ability to burn body fat. In addition, those who eat late have a 20% chance of having high blood glucose levels.

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Although we all know that a calorie is a calorie no matter when it is consumed, the time we eat plays a key role in controlling our body weight. Therefore, scientists believe that early dinner is the secret to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why.

Morning dinner – health benefits

Sleep quality

When we eat dinner earlier, the quality of sleep improves, as the digestive tract also has time to rest. The recommendation is to eat two hours before bed.

Lose extra pounds

Several studies have shown that early dinner is essential for speeding up metabolism, which can lead to weight loss. That is, during the “fasting” period, the body uses fat deposits instead of glucose in food to make energy.

A healthier heart

When we eat dinner earlier, we reduce our risk of having a heart attack. This practice gives the body time to rest, regulate blood pressure and ensure better heart function before bed.

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Prevents constipation

The digestive tract will start to function better. Therefore, do not eat anything for at least three hours before bedtime if you suffer from constipation. With this, the digestive organs will rest and will not function at night.


Late dinner is one of the biggest factors in the onset of acid reflux caused by burning in the chest and / or abdomen. Therefore, you reduce your chances of having gastritis and pain if you do not eat dinner late, experts say. nortonrsx / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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