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Spring and summer 2022 espadrilles

The spring and summer 2022 espadrilles seem to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Espadrilles are late spring and summer shoes. Whether flat or heeled, these sandals give a sophisticated atmosphere to any style. Just remember the classic Hollywood movies and Loren Baskal or Grace Kelly. They are responsible for the popularity of these shoe models.

In recent seasons, the trend of wearing espadrilles has increased, and we can thank them for the appearance of these sandals. Salvator Fergamo who designed them. In the thirties and forties of the last century, this Italian shoe designer used materials such as figures and cork. Then, in the 1970s, Saint Laurent he released flat espadrilles and a modern trend emerged. Nowadays, designers play with styles and we can choose from a few models. And here are this year’s favorites.

Spring and summer 2022 espadrilles.


Cream or white espadrilles are classic options that add femininity and sophistication. And they are very versatile and can be combined with skirts, wavy dresses, but also with pants and jeans.


Flat espadrilles with a few details, such as a bow, completely change the look. Even if you choose familiar colors, such as yellow, orange or light purple, you will be a real trend picker.

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For ladies who prefer a sporty way of dressing or casual style, there are four simple espadrilles that look like sneakers. A great option for everyday variation.


Knitted black espadrilles (or eco-leather) with black details are perfect for women who like glam rock style.


If you’re tired of classic, beige or white espadrilles, try the black version. Sophisticated, elegant and perfect for an evening or any celebration.


If you want to refresh or highlight your outfit, consider unusual design or detail espadrilles. The animal print is always popular, and goes perfectly with dresses and jeans.

Don’t be afraid of change

Why would we play it safe? Replace the whole outfit with spectacular espadrilles and draw attention to where you appear. Spring and summer are definitely the perfect seasons for bright colors.

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