An impressive fashion detail that changes the whole outfit

how to wear a scarf

There are many ways to wear a scarf, and we present our favorites below.

When it comes to fashion accessories, the scarf is an expressive piece that you can easily incorporate into your clothing combinations, as zasta gives it a new note and dimension. Although they wear less in winter, as spring approaches, more and more outfits will incorporate this, which is always popular and always a complement.

How to wear a scarf?

Romantic, feminine, elegant – today scarves can be worn in many ways: as a decoration on the neck, head, bag, belt or hair … There are many options, you just have to play a little.

It could be said that the scarf is a detail that reflects the true style and personality of the person wearing the scarf, so whether the scarf is solid, plaid or printed, it is often the right choice of style – from business to casual to everyday.

Below we bring you inspiration for your clothing combinations.

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Trainer: Tatjana Zoka


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