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Serbian Fashion Week 1

Serbian Fashion Week (18th in a row!) Is underway, and here’s how we spent these days.

The first evening of the first two evenings of “Serbia Fashion Week” was well attended by the audience, the third evening culminated as the program included fashion shows by leading domestic fashion designers with several famous guests from abroad. .

2021 Serbian Fashion Week.

On the terrace of the TC “Promenade”, Novi Sad can be seen as the palm of your hand, the designer opened the evening Suzana Peric Introducing the “Karma” collection, part of which she recently presented at the Sicilian Fashion Week. At the beginning of the show, she was also one of the most famous but successful models in the world in Serbia. Kristina Peric, One of Victoria’s Angels, as well as one of the most famous house models Tamara Milicevic.

Only the name “Karma” speaks the most about the collection. and I hope the audience lives up to what I meant, and that’s that fashion has no limits. Everything is karmic, everything is circulating and so fashion is circulating, from one era to another, from one collection to another.

This is Suzana Perić’s 99th show and that’s why the collection is called “Karma by Suzana” with elegant long dresses, as the designer found inspiration in the famous Coco Chanel. The show was closed by a famous actor Miona Markovic.

The first time I walked down the track, and acting helped me in that way because I imagined I was in a role and that was the only way to present the creation properly, said Miona Markovic.

Creator Sandra Milis For years, growing up, she spent her holidays with her family in Italy, and fell in love with Italian fashion. Now he lives his dream, he does what he loves, he does his work with all his heart. Presented at “Serbia Fashion Week” for the “Fiorentina” collection, she says it is a masterpiece of her dreams and weaves all her passion, love and joy.

I found inspiration for this collection in the most beautiful places in Italy, Artists of Florence and the Renaissance of Florence. The materials used for the creations are of the highest quality, everything is handmade, not only to present the fashion creations tonight, I have shown my whole heart, Sandra said.

Olja Srejic she presented with her collection a fascinating and genuine woman who had been oppressed in the previous period as a result of the pandemic. Olja says her goal is not to blindly follow trends, create clothes that carry her stamp, follow her style and have pieces that suit women, so we were able to see a very rich collection of urban style forever.

Designer Aleksandra Cupkovic closed the first block of the show with the “L’amour” collection.

The collection is mostly silk, then we used handmade lace, muslin, organdy, only organic materials and the best that a woman deserves, Alexandra said, adding that her name means love, weaving a lot of love through each of her collections.

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The second block of the show was opened by a US guest Erik Roset “Serbia Fashion Week” could be seen presenting a collection that is different from everything else.

The collection consists of a biker love line, the models who gave each other helmets on the runway symbolically showed up, Eric said and added that his team is producing fashion weeks in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, but this year the events had to be postponed due to the pandemic so he was very happy and satisfied Participation in “Serbia Fashion Week”.

The fashion show continued Mirjan Volf the symbol presented an Armenian-inspired collection that is apricot.

This is why the color orange dominates the collection. The meaning of the collection is a woman one day. So when it comes to style, not everything is elegant or plain, Mirjan said.

The “Alexander Bratscher” brand, which was recognized for its shoes, introduced a collection of evening dresses for the first time.

The collection is rich and elegant, created for weddings, graduations and events, so that ladies can dress in the same line as shoes and handbags, ”said Alexander, and perhaps this pandemic pressure will have a positive effect on the market, meaning only the strongest design houses can survive.

In the third block of the show, the audience was able to see the designer’s collections Ivana Nikolic Stankovic i Bate Spasojevic.

Ivana Nikolic presented to the audience a collection of special pieces of hand-painted clothing, and before “Serbia Fashion Week” she presented a part of that collection in Sicily, from which she returned full of beautiful impressions:

-I have been participating in “Serbia Fashion Week” since 2016 and I present my hand-painted creations from the beginning of my design career. There are dresses, shirts, coats, bags … By the way, in the painting I make I find inspiration for all my collections and I go out of fashion.

At the end of the third evening, one of our most famous fashion designers, Bata Spasojević, presented to the audience a new collection for the spring / summer 2022 season with his collection. Her collection was a mix of punk, rock and glamor, through which she is known.

-I am still surprised that I have just participated in the Sicilian Fashion Week. Italy is beautiful in itself and the largest percentage of the world’s heritage in terms of art is in Italy. I don’t know if I’ll present the collection again, but I’m going to enjoy it again, ”said Bara Spasojević, who said about his new collection:

My new collection is a mix of everything I have. Very modern, strong, vibrant … There is a color that has just been made for Sicily and I presented the updated collection of “Serbia Fashion Week”. The men’s part, which is very important in terms of my work, was first shown now in Novi Sad, and when you look at everything, you get a good collection that I’m very happy with, Batak said and pointed out. he believes that in the last two years in the world with coronavirus and all, the fashion industry will be able to survive.

The applause after all the shows clearly shows that the public is enthusiastic about fashion events, which is gratifying for the organizers of “Serbia Fashion Week”, who insisted on holding their first live fashion week in Serbia in two days. annual break.

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