Apply the cream after washing your hands: How long to wait

Apply the cream after washing your hands: immediately or after a certain time? What’s better – find out below.

For those who dry their skin constantly, frequent washing (and since the coronavirus pandemic began, we all wash our hands more often than before) leads to even greater drying, and therefore leads to cracked skin. Most of us, in this case, wash our hands and immediately apply ointment or cream. But is that the right way to feed the skin of your hands?


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Apply the cream after washing your hands

Frequent hand washing reduces the skin’s natural barrier. Specifically, frequent cleansing removes lipids that are responsible for healthy skin. And when that barrier is put in danger, the skin dries, itches, reddens and cracks. This is why it is essential to restore the natural protection of our skin.

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Most of us apply a cream or lotion after washing and drying our hands. Dermatologists agree. They recommend that you do not wait more than two minutes for greasing your hands after washing. Only in this way will creams or lotions retain moisture and moisturize our skin.

If we wait longer than that, the water absorbed by the skin evaporates, which leads to faster drying.

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