Artesian water and its minerals age the skin more slowly

It is important to pay attention to the concentration of the minerals in the water we drink, as well as the interrelationships, as in the body, because a balanced proportion of minerals is important for health, says prof. Dr. Gordana Pekovic, internist-nephrologist.

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In the spring, the skin needs extra care, as it is a faithful protective cover that protects us from all external influences, as it has been “the first to take a hit” in the winter. On cold days, our skin often gets rough, so it’s not uncommon to have dandruff because it’s less hydrated and therefore less elastic. But moisturizers are not the most important part of this process.

That’s why it’s important to “feed” your skin regularly in the spring. The most important thing is to hydrate the whole body by drinking enough water and thus supplying the body with useful minerals and electrolytes, which contain water, which are necessary for the exchange processes between the cells that take place in our body.

Prof. dr Gordana Pekovicnephrologist-internist, explains how the water we drink helps our skin to be shiny, elastic, velvety and healthy.

  • How does the water we drink affect our cells, especially our skin cells?

A healthy cell is one that receives the nutrients it needs for its work on a daily basis, but at the same time removes the toxic products of metabolism that arise on a daily basis. This cell exchange, which also refers to skin cells, can only be performed smoothly and efficiently in the presence of water.

The quality of daily hydration of the body is one of the most important conditions for good health and vitality. In addition to taking up water, providing oxygen to the cell is also important for the work of each cell and for the biochemical processes that take place in the cell on a daily basis.

  • What if we drink too little water on our skin? How do you see it on your face?

If the lack of water lasts longer, mostly because there is not enough intake, there are known manifestations on the skin. That is, it ages faster, wrinkles, dries out, tends to have various dandruff and skin infections.

  • How can water prevent the symptoms of aging?

Providing oxygen to the cell is very important for cell metabolism, and water plays an important role: it prevents damage to the cell itself, maintains its vitality and thus prevents its disintegration by participating in oxygenation.

  • Which type of water is best for the skin and otherwise for the health of the body?

It is well known that the lack of certain minerals in the body can have a detrimental effect on human health. However, we do not need to be loaded with minerals, as this can also be harmful to our health.

Natural mineral water helps maintain the balance of minerals and electrolytes in the body, as it is rich in naturally occurring minerals. It is important to pay attention to their concentration in the mineral water and the relationship between them, as in the body, as it is important to have a balanced proportion of these minerals in the water.

  • Is it better to drink bottled water than tap water? What and what water should we drink, in terms of water composition, minerals first?

It is certainly better to take the necessary minerals in a natural form because nature itself adds them to water, that is, in unprocessed natural mineral water. In terms of water composition, the concentration of minerals and electrolytes is certainly important, but on the other hand, it is just as important as the proportion of some substances.

Research and research have shown that VODAVODA artesian water in Banja Vrujc, which is generated at a depth of 605 meters, which is one of the natural mineral waters generated from underground wells protected from any contamination, is its characteristic. this excellent proportion and composition of minerals which has a beneficial effect on the body in daily consumption. In addition to not burdening the body, it also has an optimal amount of calcium that is in good contact with magnesium, and due to its low sodium and chloride content, it is recommended for unlimited daily use.

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