Autumn / winter interior trends: 3 nice and attentive styles that you won’t face

Recently, we had the opportunity to take part in a JYSK event that took in journalists and influencers from all over Europe, so that we could get to know first hand the latest autumn / winter trends. And you know what? We really like that the common denominator of all trends is comfort, simplicity, return to nature and enjoy the little things.

From a specially designed studio in central Copenhagen, JYSK experts explained to us how they use trends in the development of the range and how they work to make the company even more sustainable.

Being on trend and being more sustainable go hand in hand. We want to make sure that our products always meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We want to do everything we can to make our products more sustainable. This is in addition to introducing some of our major innovations, which is our main message at this meeting, ”explained Rikke Blæsild, Head of Diversity and Design at JYSK, who introduced new trends and products.

Fall / winter indoor trends

Become more sustainable

One of the participants in the event was Rune Jungberg Pedersen. He works as Director of Communications and CSR at JYSK with colleagues across the company with the goal of implementing changes that will ensure an even more sustainable business.

JYSK’s goal is to incorporate sustainability into all important areas of our business. We want to ensure at the highest level that we are ready to fulfill more than one of our responsibilities in the fight against climate change, selling products made from sustainable materials and reducing packaging and waste. This requires the commitment of the whole company, and we are definitely on the right track, even if it is important to know that we have a long way to go, ”explained Rune Jungberg Pedersen.

JYSK’s internal trends attracted our attention especially in the fall / winter

Trend 1: Reset basic

If you are ready to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures of life more, this is an inner trend for you. While the focus is on the basic pieces of simple lines, there are also innovative details that attract attention. Our goal should be to create a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere in our living space that will last from season to season, and not just winter.

The design itself is simple and minimalist, with details like geometric prints and patterns that make everything more vivid.

It’s a neutral color palette with rich shades of sand and lots of brown tones, which gives it all a warmth, but also a touch of luxury.

Trend 2: Infusion

The more we are overwhelmed by the desire to disconnect from the digital world, the stronger the tendency for the elements of nature to stay at home. The design of this interior trend mimics nature, its raw textures and irregular shapes. This allows the living space to evolve and become a quiet corner, a haven away from the corporate world and the fast-paced dynamics of everyday life.

Wood and coarse texture are in the center of attention, as are materials from renewable sources. Textures and handmade are important. We want objects that evoke a pleasant feeling of touch.

Colors are inspired by elements of nature: earth, water, sky. Blue and green tones predominate, and earthy brown tones balance everything.

Trend # 3: Mindful Garden

This trend, which combines old and modern, celebrates home life, with a special emphasis on small things. A vase or a candle on the table can completely change the atmosphere.

The design creates harmonious relationships. Combined with metal and glass, they give a new industrial look. Engravings are also in the spotlight: we enter our home and create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. It’s the key word nesting.

The flowers return to the big door, but this time they are combined with grass seeds, which leaves a special impression.

It’s a new and fresh color palette, feminine. They are soft and cheerful tones that will positively affect our psyche.

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