Beauty and health 5 models of shoes that we will not take out this autumn …


And we saw them all recently Deichmann magazines!

We have the opportunity to enjoy the show again this fall – live! The editorial staff was pleased with the invitation to take a look at the new magazine Deichmann collection, because we knew we would be able to distinguish (and present) current models from this season.

New Deichmann autumn collection Wherever you go it is presented only in an elegant brunch in the atmosphere of the thronečkog raft Move, in front of media representatives and public figures. The show was made with a flash mob-like performance, complete with chic design patterns that reflect the autumn curiosity perfectly for any occasion.

What was it like on the show?

We enjoyed what we knew Deichmann a cocktail of fashion, choosing your favorite new models with stylish sneakers, moccasins and boots that are essential this season.

Who did we meet?

The event was also attended by famous influencers, otherwise fans of the brand Deichmann, Jenni Martin and Tatjana Jovanović.

“I love everything Deichmann collections, especially because of the comfort they offer me every day, and at the same time, each model has a dose of chic – so I can dress up with elegant combinations, ”says Jenni Martin.“ What I like most is the new collection Wherever you go it fosters individuality and joy at every new step, ”added Tatjana Jovanović.

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What is the concept of the collection?

The new collection highlights the essence of Europe’s largest shoe retailer: Deichmann it offers the right shoes wherever you go and do what you do. Inspired by the current situation, the most important thing was to adapt to each new situation – it celebrates freedom, solidarity and enjoyment at all times.

The days of September bring dynamic challenges and are full of many tasks Deichmann the shoes are there to fill every day with comfort and style, as it is the favorite ally of all fashion fans.

Here are five models we can’t live without this fall …

# 1 fashion sneakers:

# 2 Loafers:

# 3 Combat Boots:

# 4 Chelsea Boots:

# 5 classic living room clothes (always and forever!):


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