Beauty and health 5 new lips that attracted our attention


The fall season is also rich in makeup novelties. We show you the ones that caught our attention. And why …

Put the emphasis on the lips!

Artdeco Perfect Color Lipstick

We were fascinated by the wonderful color, the perfect coverage and the great filling effect. This formula not only moisturizes and protects the lips, it also makes them firmer, smoother and better defined. And four new shades are created for fall looks: no “heat wave”. 808 (dark red row), no “fire.” 850 (classic bright red), no “burnt sienna”. 855 (brown chocolate) and “dessert sand” no. 859 (light and naked shadow).

essence Cool COLLAGEN lip flavor

This vegan and nourishing lipstick combines care, the effect of increased lip vision and beautiful color. And if you have a dilemma – a natural or expressive look – you no longer have to decide. Medium coverage allows you to limit your style; you can create a natural look or intense high coverage with a great finish.

MAC Tempting Fate lipstick

Just look at that package, so who can handle it ?! We’re not and you don’t think so either. Emphasize that lips are available in shades of “berry” or more neutral shades of adult berries Matt or Amplified textures. You will not regret it!

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Avon ColorTrend 2in1 lipstick and blush

A little color on the cheeks and lips is enough to make it shine. This handy product, which only smells like mango butter, vitamin E and peach, will give you. Available in five shades, for many fun variations of makeup.

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And with the new Extreme Lipstick Booster Volume A Bright Smile, there is another! After improving the chili and ginger, it offers a unique advantage: a clear teeth whitening, an even clearer smile. How does it really work? Light blue and silver with a transparent texture, bright particles reflect light due to the spectacular whitening effect of the teeth on the lips. The smell of menthol and the smell of fresh pepper creates a burning sensation on the lips and ensures a plump effect. kobrin_photo / iStock via Getty Images, PR

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