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Brittany Murphy

Documentary What happened, Brittany Murphy? which is displayed on HBO Max Brittany Murphy, who died at the age of 32, is trying to solve the mysterious death of the actress.

Although 12 years have passed since Brittany Murphy’s death, it’s still a mystery because we don’t know exactly what happened, and the new documentary will try to unravel the unknowns and talk about the actress ’last days and her relationship with her husband. Simon Mondzek (40). Simon died five months after a tragic death in Britain, even in a suspicious condition.

The death of the famous actor does not cease to be a focus of interest, as it was suspected that it was not unexpected, and now the documentary features people who knew her and her husband and testify about their lives and last days. Among others, he left Simon’s mother, his brother and his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Ragsdale, after she became pregnant.

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No one has any optimistic comments about it. Director Cynthia Hill said she was the only person who knew how to cheat people, and one of the victims was Britani.

Makeup artist Trista Jordan described the whole situation, and stated that her actor’s condition had worsened before she died as she was working on her latest film. Something Evil.

“His eyes were very hot and he was very sad. It wasn’t him. He suffered terribly.” His legs were shaking and he couldn’t stand it, “Sad said.

“His death was very strange and full of twists and turns,” concluded the executive producer of the documentary Buddy Day.

The film, directed by Cynthia Hill, features images from the archive and interviews with people close to the actress. The film’s producers have announced that the documentary goes beyond tabloid gossip and research The Influence of Hollywood Sexism It deals with Britney Murphy and more specifically her relationship with Mondzek, who was crowned at the wedding in 2007..

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