Beauty and health Blue hair color is here to stay, and here’s how to take it!

blue hair color

The color of blue hair is becoming more and more popular and celebrities, especially those who tend to do beauty experiments, have not resisted this trend.

It’s time for challenges. The world of fashion and beauty is more bizarre than ever, and the focus is on the rebellion and glamor that have long been on the sidelines due to a time of quarantine and social isolation.

And now, haircuts are a big hit in the fall and winter. In fact, it’s the perfect way to add an innovative and powerful look.

The blue color of her hair has conquered the world of beauty

While this trend can be a bit difficult to adapt to everyday life, the actress is Emma McKay, who plays the character of Miv Wayley in the series. Sex education the proof is that it is possible to add a little color to the look and rebellion without acting as a very radical change.

Mive took advantage of the more subtle tone, and the blue tones only affected the ends of the hair, so they blended perfectly with the rest of the dark tones. This is also an easier way to test the color while keeping the old look. Also, when you get bored, you can visit a hairdresser and cut the blue ends.

For those who want a bigger change and a lighter color, it is possible to use blue tones creatively and novelty. And here’s how they make trends! Below we bring you our favorites.

Thorne white

Sail showed us how girls with darker hair can wear blue horns and get them very easily!

Hillary Duff

Hillary opted for a lighter tone, similar to the art of sugar. We have to admit that we are happy with her appearance!

Charlie D’Amelio

Unlike Hillary, Charlie decided to “overflow” only the bottom of the hairstyle.

Lady Gaga

Platinum rubies can choose shades of gray and cooler, perfect for fall and winter days.

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Billy Ailish

The discarded singer discarded shades of neon green that could be spotted and dyed her hair in blue ash combinations.


Siara is another ice queen, like Lady Gaga, but her shades of blue are more striking.

lepotaizdravlje.rsladygaga via Instagram

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