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innovative textures

The innovative textures of skin care products – dense, strong and intricate – are very effective and popular. We sincerely hope that more and more such formulations will be available soon …

The latest formulations of cosmetic products – dense, strong and intricate – have been designed with the aim of introducing active ingredients into the skin more effectively and improving their beneficial effects, especially in terms of hydration. These innovative textures are easy to apply on the skin and create a wonderful feeling. Well, let’s get to know them better!


Compact shape

These serums are in solid form, and after application to the skin, they dissolve and become the consistency of a typical lotion. When rubbed into a skin by a specific component (a polymer called rheological modulator), it can be transformed from a solid state to a liquid. After rubbing the serum, it becomes a light cream, gives a pleasant and velvety feeling on the skin and creates a protective barrier on its skin. There are several formulas that make up a surface layer that retains moisture in the skin and protects it from harmful effects (e.g. containing oils and Vaseline in the content), but these new formulations, along with the polymer, make this protective layer very clear. skin. The result: hydration provided by thick cream, but without the feeling of heaviness and thickness.

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Strong shape

When you use a solid serum in contact with the skin, its heat dissolves, which is immediately absorbed. Because solid sticks have no water (or very few brakes), they have a higher concentration of active substances. At the same time, this means that the content remains stable for longer with less condoms in the composition.

Filled form

These formulations are created for sensory experience. In the case of many preparations formulated in this way, the biometric components create a cloud-like consistency and allow the transfer of plant extracts that stimulate the process of natural hydration. The skin knows the biometric components because they match the natural substances in the skin. As a result, it absorbs the skin better and minimizes the risk of irritation. This allows the skin to stay hydrated for longer.

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