Beauty and health #feeding: learn how you can take part in the Lindex Pink campaign

Company Triple Jump team, A partner of a Swedish brand franchise Lindex Serbia, for the seventh year in a row, combines fashion and a noble goal in a campaign Lindex Pinkhe embarked on a mission to fight breast cancer.

At the time from 1 to 14 October, 10% of the proceeds from the sale will be given Lindex bunch Women i Women’s underwear Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology.

Purchases made through the website will also be included so that you can view and order the entire offer in the comfort of your own home and safely, by sending it to your home address. Through shopping Lindex the website has met the expectations and needs of customers. We learn from this house, affirming values ​​that are in line with emerging needs – stability, quality, reputation, trust and sustainability, Lindex even in these times it represents the world we know, love and want.

The Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology employs some of the country’s leading medical experts, who conducted nearly 150,000 examinations in 2020. So far he is a donor Lindex Pink 6 million dinars were raised through campaigns to improve treatment conditions at the Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology: the premises used by patients at the Oncology Surgery Clinic were adapted, and a electrosurgery generator and medical equipment were acquired.

Like socially responsible campaigns Lindex Pink have a positive effectin fact, by making women aware of the importance of prevention, we arrive at a larger number of tests and therefore perform a larger number of detected tumors in the initial phase, which is intended to save more lives. What women need to know is that when the disease is in its early stages, the disease is curable, said Dr. Srdjan Nikolic, head of the Oncology Surgery Clinic at the Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology.

Help is important

At a ceremony dedicated to the presentation of the brand’s collaboration Lindex and the Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology also assisted the journalists with a symbolic procession, Lindex the models sent a message to women who are struggling with this nasty disease that they are not alone and together they can come out of that fight stronger than ever.

The campaign was also helped by well-known TV character Maja Nikolić, who addressed words of encouragement to women at the event, reminded them of the need to love ourselves and fight for positive change, taking into account our health and appearance.

By joining forces with dedicated clients, we provide strong support to women, so far driven by the positive results of the Lindex Pink campaign. The current situation has confirmed to us that health is priceless and that we should save time, be responsible and try to do as much as possible to get to health. said brand director Jelena Zorica Zivkov Lindex-Serbian.

For the company Triple Jump team they are social responsibility campaigns, as well as caregiving about natural resources, an important part of the business, and many collaborations have been achieved over the years, some of which have become a tradition. They have realized KBC Dragi Donations and Supportšand Misovic and the Infectious Diseases Clinic,, Accommodation, Safe Houseand promotes long-standing partnerships with Face Street and UNICEF.


Learn more about the PINK campaign and how to get involved on the brand’s website, as well as forward Facebook i Instagram profiles.

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