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How to get a graphic eyeliner

How to get a graphic eyeliner – today one of the most popular makeup looks revealed to us makeup artist Vanja Radosavljević!

The ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus has unfortunately caused us to wear protective masks. Therefore, the way we wear makeup has also changed, so we are starting to pay more and more attention to our eyes.

They have been changing and adapting their eye makeup trends to the new situation for two and a half years. So bright colors, long eyelashes, monochrome look and recently fashionable eyeliner are all the rage.

Makeup artist Vanja Radosavljević herself decided to try this look. She recommends it to braver women because that look will leave an impression.

How to get a graphic eyeliner

This way of makeup is especially interesting because it is very easy to get the look and the only thing we need is an eyeliner, a calm hand, precision and little practice!

After the classic eyeliner drawing, draw a line exactly over the crease of the eyelid and connect it with the rest of the eyeliner.

Try it and … Complete with Vanja’s hand: reverse eyeliner

Of course, it is not necessary to have a black lining to calm the imagination!

See how Vanja got that look in the video below.

Vanja has been doing makeup for over a decade and has received a lot of education during that time. She also specializes in fashion (stage) makeup, and her works complemented fashion shows by brands such as DQ and MonaLacko.

Vanja believes that a 20-minute time and some key products can work a miracle. She is also sure that the makeup should not mask you, but emphasize what is most beautiful on your face. Now he has decided to share his knowledge and skills with readers of the portal

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