Beauty and health How to make a perfume last longer on the skin: we reveal some tricks

How to make a perfume last longer

How can perfume last on the skin? Here is the answer.

If you’re one of those people who loves perfume, but you get the scent out of your body, apply it right away, we understand you, and we’ve struggled with the same problem.

There is no better beauty accessory than a fine perfume that will leave a mark when we go anywhere, especially if we find one with a signature that people will recognize. And it doesn’t have to be that thing that’s in the perfume. There are people who feel even a few hours after applying the perfume and there are also people who evaporate very quickly.

It can be applied in the wrong places, using flower or fruit scents that are shorter than the eastern ones, your body is not properly hydrated or it is stored properly. But don’t worry, there are some tricks that will help you keep your favorite perfume on your body for longer.

How can perfume last on the skin?

Apply cream or lotion
Lotions and creams act like a kind of perfume glue. If you want your body to smell longer, rub the ointment on the areas where you want to apply the scent. The skin will remain oily and will not absorb the scent. Choose a neutral moisturizer so that the odors don’t mix and get all the attention from the scent.

Choose a stronger base note

Different scents last differently. The smell of citrus scents disappears the fastest because they contain weak molecules, while the scents of flowers and those that remind us of spices last longer. The odors that are usually present in our body for a long time are based on vanilla, musk or wood.

Smells strategically combined

Do you love the smell of citrus, but don’t feel like applying the scent all day long? The trick is very simple. Layered, combine with a stronger base perfume to last a lifetime on the skin.

Read on and … Apply the scent in layers, here’s how

Leave your hair

Your hair smells better than your skin; so if you have long or medium hair, apply the perfume at the level of the ends of the hair. The hair moves at the ends the most, so the pleasant smell of perfume spreads around us.

Places where the heartbeat

When applying the perfume, stick it on the pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, and back of the knees. These spots are a little warmer than the rest of the body, so more odor will be released.

Keep the scent in the right place

If you want your scents to last longer in the bottle, store them in a cool, darker place. Many of us store perfumes in the toilet, but it’s not a very good place because of the humidity and steam, as well as the heat generated by the shower.

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