Beauty and health How to strengthen the skin and solve problems caused by weak barrier functions?


Redness, loss of skin shine and wrinkles epilogue are impaired skin barrier functions. Unfortunately, there are no exercises that will surely strengthen the skin, but there are some methods that can ensure optimal function.

In the case of weak barrier functions, the health of the skin can be damaged. Strengthening this layer begins with the correction of certain habits. This mainly involves avoiding aggressive skin care products, as well as excessive sun exposure, stress, extreme temperatures, but also correcting the diet. When the skin is affected by the listed stressors, redness, loss of shine, or deeper wrinkles are possible. We show you how to strengthen your skin and how to solve these problems.

First aid for weakened skin

PROBLEM 1: Redness

The appearance of redness is usually a sign of skin irritation and is the result of something that endangers its protective barrier. Also, redness can be a symptom of contact dermatitis, eczema, or pinkness.

SOLUTION: Heal inflammation! To prevent increased redness, avoid acids (AHA, BHA, and PHA), aggressive cleansers with a pH of 5.6 and above, as well as exfoliating agents that can irritate facial skin. Otherwise, the less foam you use to clean the foam, the lower the pH value. Also, use products that are labeled sensitive, with soothing matrices and formulated without fragrant ingredients.

Tip plus: With each anti-aging product containing retinol, get a specific agent that neutralizes the effect (e.g., nourishing cream). If redness is the result of laser treatment or chemical peeling, the beauty center should provide you with training to alleviate the side effects you will use at home.

PROBLEM 2: Loss of skin shine

If your skin does not shine, it is tight, you feel dandruff, there is a itchy feeling, bad life habits and the effects of the external environment are the reasons for this condition. If you can’t control the weather, you can make small changes to your skin care that will help restore optimal skin shine and hydration levels.

SOLUTION: Loss of shine and dryness of the skin can be a direct consequence of insufficient hydration due to the poor function of the skin’s protective barrier, regardless. The first line of defense is to increase the concentration of the ceramide, which will satisfy the thirst of the skin. People with dry skin should avoid long showers / baths with very warm water. Also, the application of cleaning agents with milder acids allows the removal of the dead cell layer and the restoration of the surface layer. This will refresh the appearance of the skin (but only if it does not irritate the skin).

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PROBLEM 3: Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the result of different facial movements we make – especially when we laugh, squeeze and frown. If the protection of the skin barriers is weakened, they are much deeper and more pronounced. Over time, this barrier naturally thins and dries, which is why optimal hydration requires a crucial care regimen.

SOLUTION: Many preparations to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin contain effective substances. Therefore, proper selection and combination are very important to achieve the desired goal without any unwanted side effects and reactions on the skin. If it affects your skin, use retinol. Retinol not only stimulates cell regeneration, it also increases collagen production, which helps strengthen the epidermis and skin. As retinoids increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, it is best to apply the preparations that contain them before going to bed. YakobchukOlena / iStock via Getty Images

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