Beauty and Health Jessica Chastain reveals her beauty secrets: “Coconut oil is wonderful!”

Jessica Chastain reveals her beauty secrets

Jessica Chastain reveals her secret beauties when she enchanted us in the role of Mira in the new popular series “Scenes from marriage”.

Jessica Chastain is one of the natural beauties of Hollywood. In addition, she is known for her activism, and especially for her fight for women’s rights.

A feminist is not someone who tries to put women in the same mold. Over the centuries women have been told what can be and what is not. How long can they wear skirts, pants. I’m a feminist and I don’t dictate what we are and what we aren’t, she said.

Jessica is intense proof that even if she’s a feminist, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like wearing makeup. And here’s how to keep your face healthy and well-groomed.

Jessica Chastain reveals her beauty secrets

The best beauty advice she received was from a colleague of the actress Sisi Spacek. He then told me that he had never applied powder. Before, I couldn’t imagine an unprecedented day. But that day, I stopped applying the powder and let my stains shine.

I don’t like makeup a lot. A clean face and red lips are essential components of my beauty routine.

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As for the faces, Jessica swears by this beauty trick:

I apply vitamin C. before applying sunscreen on the face. It is mostly a cream with SPF 60. It’s very important to me to have a big protective factor, he said.

He also added that he uses coconut oil instead of cream.

In addition to being applied to the face and body, I use it as a hair mask, but it also closes for the lips. It’s wonderful.

And what is most important to him?

Take care of yourself, definitely! When I’m asked what I need in life, I say I should be alone with myself for at least 10 minutes a day. To light a scented candle, fill the bathtub … Or go to a massage or yoga class.

However, he admitted that he did not like doing the exercise.

I like to skip workouts. I prefer to go for walks, yoga and dance.

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