Beauty and health Makeup ideas for the fall season: refresh your look

Makeup ideas for the fall season

Makeup ideas for the fall season are sure to get you off your feet!

With the arrival of autumn, there are many opportunities for most ladies to ignore the “makeup-free” look that was popular this summer. Below, we’ll cover some new and exciting makeup ideas for this fall. And we mostly got inspiration from celebrities. Here’s what we’re all going to wear on our lips, eyes and cheeks this fall!

Makeup ideas for the fall season

Monochrome terracotta

This fall, terracotta or brick color is one of the most popular shades. In addition to shadows, you can wear these shades on the lips as well as the cheeks.

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Natural eyebrows

Dressed in a comb, like Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Are they naughty? Use a soap to reinforce a trick. Another major makeup trend this season.

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Pastel colors

This fall we will be wearing pastel colors in our eyes, and the shades of blue are in the right plane.

Shine pink

Warm shades of pink should be associated with autumn, so color it this season.

Rich lips (as rich as possible!) …

… In all shades of red, from coral to brown. Show off your full charm, at least for a walk around the city (when you don’t have to wear a mask!).

Ke subtle eyes

Smokey eyes is also a permanent make-up, and try more subtle variants this fall. Instead of black, choose shades of brown or peach color.

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