Beauty and Health Maya Louis has released a new song “Wings” that we are repeating this week

Maja Louis released a new song "Wings"

Maja Louis released a new song Wings, and how he listens, listen below.

Maja Louis with her second new album, Wings it continues to build authenticity, based on the musical legitimacy of the Louis family.

He has already announced a new section in music creation and a bold breakthrough with a single Mayo, wake up, Published in late 2020, combining his musical variability (r’n’b, hip hop, funk) and his constant desire to write about his inner strength, but also his weakness.

Maja Louis has released a new song “Wings”

Maja is very honest in her new songs, she can be heard screaming from time to time, she reflects on how she feels – sometimes still hurt, other times she is released or in between. It is this approach that gives the new album its uniqueness and reflects a woman’s voice that is empowering, liberating and at the same time completely honest.

Album Wings represents the record of the process of growth in life and the experience of the process itself.

I can say that I am a happy person. I have ups and downs like everyone else, but I have lost my fear of words. Everything I mean — I write — and I remove it that way. All my songs are my part, my experiences, my emotions. They give me strength and remind me of what I have experienced. I hope to find others in them and give them the wind on their backs, just like me, said Maya.

Self-confidence and a positive attitude

As an artist ready to experiment, Majak prepared an eclectic mix of r’n’b, funk and soul for the record, with hints of hip hop. The album opens with a song of the same name Wings which demonstrates Maja’s ability to convey sincere emotions with lyrical and instrumental complexity. Positive self-confidence and positive attitudes represent infectious rhythms and songs in the songs Party i Know that you have been successful.

Where those old songs disappeared It’s the cover of a song by Louis: ” This song is very dear to me and Mark and I couldn’t wait to do it together because it connects us to Dad”- explains Maja.

The essence of love, affection and vulnerability is reflected in the songs A teaspoon i Everything will be fine.

Throughout the album, Maja guides the story with unexpected twists and turns, while at the same time maintaining a great sense of connection, where each song flows elegantly into the next.

The lyrics are signed by Maja, the music and arrangements are done by Maja and her brother Marko Louis, the production and mixing are signed by Marko Louis. Great musicians play on the record: Aleksandar Dragutinović Shakespeare (Bass), Nikola Jezdić Pindo (Guitars) and Goran Savić Čaki (Drums).

The release of the album comes with a video of the song titled Wings. Director and photographer Dragan Jereminov.


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