Beauty and Health Monthly Horoscope for October 2021: Be careful what you say!


Dear Libra, this is the time to see you very much, that is, the surroundings will notice. Many members of your sign will be given the opportunity to advance, but will be hesitant to accept the offer. If it’s something new, it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you get out of it. The busy members of your sign are very energetic and prone to hard times, which will lead to an imbalance in the existing relationship. Try to control yourself. If you’re free, you’re ready for action and flirting, so you’ll get a lot of attention. However, be careful not to play with someone’s emotions. Injuries are possible.


Dear scorpions, you try to keep everything under control, however, you have no strength. Your secret and isolation allows you to be alone in large numbers of planets to regenerate. However, you do not neglect your duties. Finance worries you. If you are in a relationship or married, your attitude and need for solitude makes your partner angry, trying to provoke you. Free members of your symbol are exploring an unspecified relationship and will make a breakthrough in the sense that they will change their emotional state. You are sleepless and nervous.


Dear Sagittarius, you are determined to launch your plans. The aspect of the planets in the air signals brings you opportunities to take advantage of, but you still have to be patient, because not everything will go as well as you imagined. You break some friendships. The busy members of your sign harmonize the relationship they find with the sign of the planet of love, starting in the second week of October. At the same time, the need for loneliness will be stressed from time to time, but your partner has an understanding for you. Since October 7, Free Archers has been attracting a large number of people to the area, and there is also an unfortunate character meeting that will have the potential to last. Take care to balance your diet, sweets and food intake in general, because stomach problems are possible.


Dear Capricorn, you feel like you’ve been stagnant and backward for a few months now, and that’s really happening, however, it gives a big change in October, because from the beginning, that is, from October 6, you will notice that the business situation is changing for the better. Fears but you also let go of the past and move on to new businesses. The support of principals and associates will not be lacking, but even though Mars is in the natural realm of your career, be careful not to get involved in the conflict because of differences of opinion. If you have a relationship or are married, your loved one is not happy with the quality of your relationship and has given you enough commitment and commitment. Free members of your symbol are focused on work, but they are on the threshold of a secret love affair. Knee injuries are possible.


Dear Aquarius, be prepared to take a big turn in the state of your business because it is a place where the planets in your symbol will move in a straight line and it is a place where you will leave the lessons learned in every sense of the word. Pay attention to the information you get from the Mercury Retrospective motion and don’t draw conclusions based on what you hear. If you are in a relationship or married, the relationship with your partner improves and you will regain the need for optimism, calmness and intimacy. Free members of your symbol turn their backs on the past, setting new goals even though they are occasionally obsessed with nostalgia. You are indispensable.


Dear Pisces, the rule of your planet is retroactive to the first fortnight of October; so you will stay alive with delays, lessons, and feelings of stagnation. The second half of October changes a lot. You get the urge to work and you have the opportunity to move forward. October 2021 monthly horoscope. He advises you not to sign new contracts and to extend them if you can. If you are busy, it is the month that you will try to maintain harmony in the relationship and from time to time you will feel the feeling used by your partner. Free members of your symbol, near your home or through a relative, meet an interesting person. Health is stable.

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